Get your unique marketing plan, designed especially for your project
+200% to your token and sales growth
Deliver complex services for web3 marketing and market making assistance
Attract customers and institutional partners all over the world
Provide with branding, corresponding to the best well-known practices
Smart solutions for crypto entities
About us

WE ARE A Professional network of blockchain DEVs, marketers, WRITERS and traders

Over the years, we have been developing our unique customer focused approach. This means we can meet tight deadlines, implement work of any complexity, and provide you with exactly what you need to develop and grow your project.

LUKKY started as a small team of developers in 2020 and is now a large-scale agency. We provide a wide range of services to a huge network of institutional partners all over the world.

Years of working
with crypto assets
5 000
Private and institutional investors database with proven track record
Clients since 2020
Professionals on board
We save your money! - Our marketing strategies usually save our customers up to 80% of their initial marketing budgets.

Do you want to know how?

Providing tailor-made solutions based on best industry practices

LUKKY Branding Services

Whitepaper Design & Development

Creating a detailed and high quality Whitepaper is the basis of starting any reputable business in the blockchain.

Our team will devise content plan according to your needs and product, calculate tokenomics and design and write the whole document from scratch.
Short Intro Video
People love videos!
A short video is a great way to bring your business idea to life, in the eyes of your clients. It quickly gives essential info and builds trust.

Also, it's a great way to share your product on social media, websites and online communities.
Website development
Our dedicated team of web-designers will build up a website of any complexity:

  • Design & layout
  • Block - to - block development
  • Professionally written content
  • Technical features (buttons/ payment gateways and etc.)

Lukky website traffic

Google Ads
Google's advertising campaigns are one of the best ways to attract new traffic, bring potential customers and generate sales for any crypto business. Our experts will help you get the best quality ads at the lowest prices. How?
1. Product assessment
We will assess your current product and key sales funnels to create a personalized strategy for your business.
2.Check the volume of keyword queries
Based on the number of search queries for the product or service, we will build a roadmap to maximize your traffic, discovering new keywords and opportunities where possible.
3. Analyze your competition
We will study your competitors and the structure of their campaigns and then make your campaign outperform theirs!
4. A/B testing
Using A/B testing, we will discover the best channels to advertise on, and then continually improve your campaigns, reducing costs while increasing clicks.
Facebook, Instagram & Twitter ads
Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the best social platforms to bring in the highest amount of traffic. We understand the key features of the advertising algorithms and will use them to attract new audiences for your business.

LUKKY targetologists will provide:

  • Attention grabbing content for all platforms
  • A personalised campaign strategy
  • Targeted advertising
  • Re-marketing strategies

Lukky Public relations

PR Worldwide
LUKKY team works with the most reputable media worldwide and is ready to promote your business in all the best places:

  1. Content creation
  2. Managing media representatives
  3. Publishing process
  4. Sharing on Socials
  5. Creating and publishing journalistic articles
KOLs & Influencers
One of the best ways to grow your audience is by using Influencers with a big audience.
They will get their followers excited about your product and bring in new traffic.
They will also encourage and motivate subscribers to perform actions such as following your socials, joining your competitions, buying your tokens, using your product and more.

LUKKY team works with coolest bloggers from Youtube, Twitter, Tiktok and Instagram.
Our team of experienced KOL managers will evaluate your product and its key features, and match you with the best influencers and bloggers to meet your goals, GEOs, and budget.

Lukky crypto marketing

Crypto Marketing
We create hype around your project, and bring the right buzz to your community in Telegram, Twitter, Discord and Reddit. This includes promoting news, upcoming events, product updates and anything else that is exciting and relevant. Our management ensures that your customers are engaged and see organic discussions about your project in all the right places.
Airdrops are one of the most effective crypto marketing strategies. We grow your audience and get them enthusiastic and active by giving away tokens for social actions such as joining a community, tagging a friend or liking and retweeting a post.

We track everything, and manage the reward process, leaving you free to focus on developing your business, while your customer base grows.

Advertising banners are a great way to bring new customers and increase brand awareness. Some of our banner placements include:

  • Coingecko
  • Dextools
  • Bscscan.com
  • Etherscan.com

Lukky market making services

Market Making Services
If you want your project and token to be a success, well designed Market Making features are essential. We can help you with:

  • Organic chart and active market
  • Volume support
  • Fulfilled order book
  • Spread control
  • Price control
  • Liquidity control
  • Cash out algorithms
  • Daily reports and technical assistance 24/7

Lukky lead generation

Lead Generation via Social Media
The future of digital marketing is combining the strengths of humans and AI. We will leverage the intelligence and time saving features of AI with the know how of humans to create a campaign that will outstrip your competitors.

Our team will improve your sales funnel by bringing more ‘hot leads’ to your sales pipeline. We will help you find reach, and convert your target audience.
Linkedin is the top worldwide professional social media, aimed to grow business communications, partnerships and sales. Our experts will initiate a Linkedin lead generation campaign through the following steps:

1. Collecting target audience data.
2. Creating a set of hypothesis consistent with the target audience.
3. Testing the hypothesis by initiating dialogues with your potential clients.
4. Restructuring dialogues according to the TA response.
5. Effectively delivering ‘hot ready-to-negotiate leads’ to your sales team.
Telegram is the most rapidly growing social network for crypto. When used correctly it’s a fantastic way to grow your community. It also ensures that your customers stay in the loop about your important news and announcements.

1. Telegram mailing - attract new traffic directly to your Telegram channel/group or website. We will find your target audience and encourage them to join your community, group or channel.

2. Collection of TA by geo position. Simply give us the geo location you wish to target and we will collect leads and community members within a 2km radius. This is an excellent way to grow your business contacts from summits and exhibitions.

3. Parsing of TA in groups and channels by keywords. Search for new community members and leads in Telegram by narrowing your target audience with special keywords. Every hour, we will check over 40,000 chats and channels to collect all relevant contacts for you. This means we can target and engage your new audiences effectively.
B2B Partnerships
Want to grow a sustainable business?

Developing a network of reliable partners is crucial for creating win/win partnerships that will unlock the true potential of your project.
By leveraging our large network and using cutting edge techniques, we will connect you with the best and most relevant partners.




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